eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
EUROTECHNICK Le bon sens en action Common sense in action
EUROTECHNICKLe bon sens en actionCommon sense in action

Manufacturing the polyester silos

The silos are made from industrial quality LAMINATED POLYESTER reinforced withe fiber glass, in standard white or grey, food grade. The walls of the silo have been specially treated so that the interior and exterior surface is completely smooth. This achieved by means of an exclusive manufacturing process which prevents deposits and allows the product to flow.

Volumes from 80 to 233 m3

Volume (1)(2)(3)   m3 130 130 165 200 233
Diameter in m 3.5 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20
Height in m 13.45 10.02 12.75 15.30 17.70

Average tonnage 800kg/m3

stored in inert gaz

104 104 132 160 186

Average tonnage 1000kg/m3


100 100 130 170 200

(1) smallest possible volume available on order

(2) For a large volume, it is best to split volume into several silos in order to increase storage security and to facilitate extraction

(3) The silos can store any liquid or solid food product, please contact us so that we can assess your requirements. 

Assembling and transporting silos

Silos are transported by oversize-load truks, and they are erected using cranes. A silo is installed in one day. Assemblage can be conducted all year round, in most weather conditions, since it does not take long to complete.


Civil engineering

Silos are constructed on an above ground concrete base. It is recommanded that you consult a professional. The ground's load-bearing capacity should be checked by means of a soil survey and a concrete engineer should design the proposed structure.


Documentation available in Download p2


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