eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
EUROTECHNICK Le bon sens en action Common sense in action
EUROTECHNICKLe bon sens en actionCommon sense in action

98 C patz unloader

Patz 98C silo unloader


The patz 98C unloader is a top unloading system. After filling the silo, the machine is placed on the silage heap, which is previously levelled. The patz 98C silo unloader turns on the inside of the silo by means of two locomotive cog-wheels on the front of the machine. As it turns, the machine makes a revolution inside the silo against the side of the silo, while activating the gathering chain like a chainsaw. The silage is carried to the ventilator which ejects it through the blower cap via gates along silo.


The replacement unloader


The installation of the component parts in the silo and the assembly and start-up are easy and fast.

The 98C model can replace any top unloader, even if your silo is partly empty. While the silo is being filled the 98C can be raised by means of a winch attached to the base of the silo and stretching up to the silo roof to aid the filling of the silo.


An outstanding puller


The remarkably agressive gathering chain can break up the most compacted material. It is especially adapted corn silage, short blade grass silage, chopped corn grain, silage made from ears of corn...


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