eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
EUROTECHNICK Le bon sens en action Common sense in action
EUROTECHNICKLe bon sens en actionCommon sense in action

Hermetic silos are essential

The storage of wet grain requires a high level of watertightness. With bolted structures, it is impossible to guarantee a 100% impermeability over the course of the silo's service life. This impermeability deteriorates over time, to the point that ultimately there is significant silo wastage.


The causes are numerous :


The silo assembled too quickly, poor weather conditions during erection, second-hand bolts, poorly fastened bolts, poor quality mastic, poorly trained assemblers, an overly large silo, an under-stocked silo, distension of the structure overnight owing to extreme temperature changes which contribute to the reduction of the watertightness seals and allow air to enter...


This is why, on the strength of our experience, we have developped a silo which meets our storage criteria :


- Several small silos instead of one large silo : we divide up the store and therefore reduce the chance of permeability risks.

- Silos without nuts and bolts, which are potential entry- point for air over the  course of time.

-A smooth wall, food grade, stainless, and resistant to the harshest climate conditions.

- Once a silo is emptied, it can serve as a store for other appropriate materials, so your storage volume is optimized.

-Easier and more cost effective control over watertightness since it is no longer necessary to abseil down the silo to check the bolts in order better to monitor the watertightness of the silo.

-Finally, our selection of partners who have proven their worth in silo manufacturing with whom we have an exclusive partnership.


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