eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
EUROTECHNICK Le bon sens en action Common sense in action
EUROTECHNICKLe bon sens en actionCommon sense in action

Hydraulic scraper on above ground rail : No grooving in the ground

An entirely galvanized hydraulic scraping system

The hydraulic scraper has undergone hot-dip galavanization. It is installed on a concrete channel. There is no need to disturb the ground. The rail, with curved edges that don't hurt the animals, is attached to runners which are fixed into the concrete by spit fastening system. The rail glides along the runners. The backward and forwards motion moves the scraper so that it acts as a hook which slots into rail each time it moves, thereby displacing the slurry.


Double security for your animals


-Mechanical security : The scraper, confronted with overly large obstacle, rises and reverses the direction of the hook by means of a spring. Thus, it makes a U-turn in front of the obstacle.

-Hydraulic security : An adjustment knob allows control of the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic ram. 


Animals are always clean


The frequency of scraping in a 24-hour day is a decisive factor in the cleanliness and safety of animals. The more often the scraper passes over the surface the less slurry the scraper pushes each time. The less often it pushes slurry, the less energy it consumes and the greater the saftey level for the animals since the hydraulic pressure is minimally regulated. A clock allows flexible regulation of the frequency of scraping by means of a control box which can be used automatically or manually.

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