eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
eurotechnik, solution stockage agriculture, échauffour
EUROTECHNICK Le bon sens en action Common sense in action
EUROTECHNICKLe bon sens en actionCommon sense in action
98C Patz Unloader : The ideal replacement unloader

Patz 98C Unloader Spécifications

Size of the silo unloaders

The 98C Patz unloaders can fit silos from 12 to 30 ft (3.6m to 9m) in diameter.


10 hp, 12 and 15 for silos with a large diameter and depending on the material to be ejected.

Gathering chain

Model 66 double-hook, closed die forged hardened cutters and claws, oil quenched. Product available with or without cutters depending on the material to be extracted.

Caster wheels

The height of the blower's built-in caster wheels can be controlled using adjustment screws. This allows control of the level of silage at the centre of the silo.

Blower cap

The steel sides of the cap are 2mm in thickness, the bottom of the cap is 3mm in thickness. A special anti-abrasion coating can be applied to the base of the cap at a thickness of 3mm (optionnal extra).


The turning of the unloader can be stopped by means of the clutch in order to allow the chain and blower to be cleaned before turning off the motor, thereby facilitating the next start-up.


All patz silo unloaders are guaranteed for one whole year.


Documentation available in Downloads p2

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